Friday, 21 June 2013

Shock over the issue of the rebel outfits

Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention (KABC) express deep shock over the issue of the rebel outfits which aggravate the Rengma Naga inhabited area of Chokihola, which is falling under the jurisdiction of the Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention (KABC). 

According to the information received from the sources, the rebel Karbi People Liberation Tiger (KPLT) forced to sign an agreement with Rengma village GBs’ on 9th June 2013, to hand over the other rebel group called Rengma Naga Hills Protection Force (RNHPF), and also demanded the Rengma village GBs to make the RNHPF rebels surrender with their arms and ammunitions to KPLT. And thus tension prevails and many families fled from their villages and moved to safer places. However the KPLT leaders in a press note denied the allegation leveled against them.

To take stock of the situation, a team of delegation from Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention (KABC) and the Nihang Karbi Baptist Association (NKBA) visited the displaced families who took refuge in Rengma Church in Chokihola area on 18th June 2013. A high level meeting was held between a team from Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention (KABC),  Nihang Karbi Baptist Association (NKBA), Council of Rengma Baptist Churches (CRBC) Nagaland and Western Rengma Baptist Association (WRBA) at the Mission Centre of Western Rengma Baptist Association (WRBA), Chokihola. At the meeting a team from both the communities discussed to quickly resolve the problems and preserve the spirit of brotherhood among the innocent Karbi and Rengma communities.

The Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention (KABC), Nihang Karbi Baptist Association (NKBA), United Christian Forum (UCF), Nihang Mouza Baptist Area Fellowship (NMBAF) and Nilip Joint Christian Committee (NJCC) appealed to every individual and community to join hands together in restoring peace and tranquility in the affected area, and also appealed the outfit groups to withdraw the ultimatum served on the Rengmas.

For aid and relief to the affected families, the Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention (KABC) appealed to various churches organization and in response to it, the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (CBCNEI) has contributed Rs.50,000.00 cash and the Assam Baptist Convention (ABC) has also contributed Rs.50,000.00 cash for aid and relief. The 13 Associations which fall under the Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention (KABC) is also promptly collecting cash for aid and relief to the affected innocent people. The date and time has not yet been finalized for dispatch of aid and relief but will move into action as soon as possible.