Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Resolution adopted by the KABC towards peace process in Karbi Anglong

The violence that was erupted between the Karbis and the Rengmas was very unfortunate. The lost incurred was enormous – innocent people were killed; houses and granaries reduced to ashes, livestock and all their properties were shattered. In these the KABC during the 34th Annual General Meeting held at Deithor Baptist Church from 13th – 16th March 2014, adopted the following resolutions for peace process in Karbi Anglong.

1. We, the KABC family comprising of 13 members Associations of more than 60,000 population, which include Karbi, Rengma, Garo, Bodo, Adivasi and Zeme express deep sorrow over the incidents and we stand in solidarity with the affected people.

2. The KABC urges the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) and District Administration to send the relief camp inmates back to their respective villages at the earliest, and also to provide adequate security.

3. The KABC pleads the KAAC and District Administration to fulfill the promises made in providing the re-settlement materials and compensation to the families who were being killed in the incident at the earliest.

4. The KABC request the KAAC and District Administration to continue to supply relief materials even as and when the relief camp inmates return to their respective villages, because the effected people were left with nothing as their houses, granaries and livestock were all burnt.

5. The KABC want peace at any cost and therefore, appeal to all sections of people to maintain brotherhood for peaceful co-existence in humanitarian ground and forgiving attitude towards one another, in order that such incident would not occur in the future.