About KABC

Karbi Anglong is a district situated in the central part of Assam. It is bounded by Golaghat district in the east, Meghalaya and Morigaon district in the west, Nagaon and Golaghat district in the north and Dima Hasao district and Nagaland in the south. 

The district with dense tropical forest covered hills and flat plains is situated between 250 33' N to 26035' N Latitude and 92010' to 93050' E Longitude. 

More than 60 percent of the population is from the Hill tribes. At present, however, the district is composed of various ethnic, linguistic, traditional and cultural backgrounds.

Back in 1859, the first missionaries from USA brought the Gospel to this part of the country. Some of those missionaries who came to Karbi Anglong were: Rev. Cyrus Fisher Tolman, Rev. Edward P. Scott, Rev. Robert E. Neighbor, Rev. Penn E. Moore, Rev. John Moses Carvel, Rev. Oscar L. Swanson, Rev. William Ralph Hutton and Rev. Maxwell J. Chance.

The need of forming a Convention was felt in order to have fellowship and strengthened the Baptist churches among the various tribes, such as the Karbis, the Garos, the Rengmas, the Adivasis, the Nepalies, the Kacharies, and other smaller tribes living in the area. The first meeting was held in November 1980. Since, Karbi are majority as well as the name of the district, it was decided to name "Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention."

By 1992, the convention has 190 churches affiliated with about 13,401 baptized members.

At present the Karbi Anglong Baptist Convention comprises of 13 associations with 314 local churches having a little more than 32,192 baptized members. Rev. Davidson Ingti is the Regional Secretary of the convention. 


Mission Department: The KABC Mission Department have 23 Community Transformation Workers, placed in the least reached areas. The department conducts Short Term Outreach Program (STOP) for youths who are willing to volunteer themselves for a period of two to three months. Mr. Luke Rongphar, as Mission Secretary, heads this department. 

Women Department: Mrs. Esther Rani Rongpipi is the Women Secretary. The Women Department conducts workshops and Seminars for women on different topics like Women Empowerment, Women and Environment, Women for Community Development, etc. 

Youth Department: For the past few years there is no full-time Youth Secretary. At present, Mr. Moses Hanse, Principal of Christian English High School is taking the charge. The department conducts various youth programs like Sports Meet, Youth Exchange, Youth Camps, etc.

The Associations with Executive Secretaries:
1    A'chik Baptist Krima (ABK)  - Mr. Bidarson Sangma
2    Amri Karbi Baptist Kachikruk Association (AKBKA)  - Rev. Amin Marme
3    Boro Baptist Christian Association (BBCA)  - Mr. Jatin Hazuary
4    Bethel Baptist Association (BBA)  - Mr. Chomang Teron
5    Dhansiri Valley Baptist Association (DVBA)  - Mr. Presention Barjoo
6    Karbi United Baptist Church (KUBC)  - Mr. Sikari Ingti
7    Nijang Karbi Baptist Association (NJKBA)  - Mr. Rupsing Ingleng
8    Nihang Karbi Baptist Association (NKBA)  - Mr. Benting Teron
9    Puta Karbi Baptist Association (PKBA)  - Mr. Francis Maslai
10  United A'chik Baptist Krima (UABK)  - Mr. Ladipson Sangma
11  West Karbi Anglong A'chik Baptist Krima (WKAABK)  - Mr. Pritison Marak
12  Western Rengma Baptist Association (WRBA)  - Mr. Eshachor Rengma
13  Zeme Baptist Association Assam (ZBAA)  - Mr. D. Mihunggaing Zeme