Child Development Project

Name of the Project : 
Hidisajir Child Development Centre

Vision : 
The rational and purpose of starting this project is mainly for all-round development of the children in particular and the people of the adopted project area in general through informal education and other activities. Also to give a holistic approach to children living in severe poverty condition through value base teaching and training. It has to focus on social, physical, educational, emotional and moral aspects of the enrolled children and it shall be child centered and community focused with the love of Jesus Christ.

Motto : 
Releasing children from poverty

Board Members
1. Rev Davidson Ingti as Project Director
2. Mr. Gilbert Taro as Project manager
3. Mr. Winson Singnar as Social Worker
4. Mr. Sarsing Rongpi as Accountant cum Office Assistance
5. Mr. Thengkong Rongpi as Child Development Workers
6. Mr. Edward Bey as Child Development Workers
7. Ms. Anna Rongpipi as Child Development Workers
8. Ms. Junaki Singnarpi as Child Development Workers
9. Ms.Melina Taropi as Child Development Workers

10. Ms. Lirbon Rongpipi as Child Development Workers