Mission Works

Monthly Debriefing and Retreat: 
Community Transformation Workers normally have debrief programs at Diphu, during the first week of every month for a time of reporting, collecting monthly allowances and time for praying for each other and for those who supports the ministry. Each month the Community Transformation Workers come from the field exhausted and sometime discouraged but would returned with refreshed strength and renewed mind to serve the Lord. In the month of June 6 – 8, 2013, they had a retreat program at Town Baptist Church, Dimapur. It was a time of retrospection of their personal and collective ministry, to recommit their lives and plans to God, and to earnestly seek God’s grace and blessing. During the program, Rev. Vilodi, Pastor TBC and Mr. Dietho encouraged, challenged and prayed for the Community Transformation Workers.

Resource Mobilization: 
God has been gracious in keeping the Community Transformation Workers safe and sound and providing their basic needs. Few local churches from within and outside Karbi Anglong and individual and families had pledge to regularly support the Community Transformation Workers financially. Whatever is collected during the month is divided among the Community Transformation Workers equally. Two local churches from within KABC had pledged financially to support the ministry – Klirdap Baptist Church (NKBA) and A-Jongpha Baptist Church (WRBA). In the month of August 2013 the Garo Baptist Church, Shillong has started supporting to one of the Community Transformation Workers. We are so thankful and grateful to all the churches and individuals who supported the ministry financially.

Field Visit and monitoring: 
The Mission secretary attended the dedication and thanks giving program for new church building at Chorleng; dedication and thanks giving program for drinking water facility at Chupi Kelok. 

New Church Planting Project: 
The Mission Department is able to engaged three Community Transformation Workers through Small Business Development in partnership with Global Discipleship Training Alliance (GDTA). 

Short Term Outreach Program (STOP): 
This year we had 12 young disciples worked with us for a period of two months. They work purely on voluntary basis. The Mission Department provided only their food and travel.

Mission Consultation: 
We had two times Mission Consultation. Once in October 3, 2014 at KABC and another in PKBA mission center. In the consultation, it was decided to put a concerted effort in mission and evangelism.

Poultry Project: 
The Mission Department runs a small poultry project for self-reliance. In 2013, they sold five batches (about 750) broiler chicken. The income is meant for Community Transformation Workers.

KABC-ECM Mission Partnership proposal: 
The KABC executive committee meeting held on July 24 resolved to send mission partnership proposal through its officials to Evangelist Church of Maraland during November, 2013. Accordingly 5 member team led by the General Secretary and President met the officers of ECM, at Saiha. The work is in progress and the partnership program is expected to start within the current year.