Plan For Future

Completion of Office Building Renovation: 
The KABC office building was constructed in 1991 and inaugurated by Rev. Haokhothong, the then CBCNEI treasurer on March 3, 1995, since then nothing was done even white washing also and now it is a deplorable condition. Through the efforts of the KABC officers the renovation work was started in 2012 and we are contemplating to complete it within 2014 – 15.

Compound Infra-Structure Development: 
The KABC is completing 34 years now but we do not have good infra-structures, like furnitures, boundary wall, retaining wall, guest house, conference room facilities and so on. Therefore, the office staff and like minded people are trying our best to develop it slowly.

Partnership in Mission with ECM, Saiha: 
In order to strengthen the KABC’s endeavor to evangelize in its area, partnership with the Evangelical Church of Maraland (Mizoram) is under process and expected to start the work within the year. Indeed the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few in KABC area. Your prayer support is greatly needed so that God may send more faithful workers to accomplish His great commission speedily.

To conduct Pastors’ Workshop during November 1-2, 2014: 
The KABC needs to conduct Pastors’ workshop, leadership training and other leadership building program because about 80% pastors and church leaders are layman. It expects a fruitful workshop in November for the pastors under KABC.

Self – Reliance Seminar in January, 2015: 
The KABC is not self – supported, self - governed and self – propagated yet and almost all the associations and churches are weak in all aspects and the KABC headquarter is lacking even the basic amenities. In order to improve the present situation, the KABC plans to conduct self-reliance seminar at the beginning of the next year.